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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bling Blip Flops

It don't mean a thing...if it ain't got that BLING!!

Ok, I have to be honest when I first saw these flip flops -  I stopped dead in my tracks AND I stopped the lady dead in her tracks too! She was so nice and even offered to let me try them on and take a picture.  (I know... who would try on a stranger shoes) I could not resist.  I was speechless! This photo can't even due justice to the shine that radiate off joke. 
She shared with me they came from a boutique in Branson, Mossouri.  sigh- the hunt began....   

So on the quest for these shoes, I learned of a company out of Texas named Gypsey Soule.  Here a few pictures of their shoes. They are really pretty made with Swarski crystals and real cow hide
 (leather ha-ha)
They are flashy not for everyone but I adore them!  Now for the bad news...a girl can't touch these flip flops for under 300.00!! Ouch!!!
They even have this pair below for a whopping $1,750.00!!

Personally, I would be embarrassed to spend this kind of money for  a PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS!
I know..I know... they are made with Swarkski crystal and cow hide, but there not diamonds!

After searching and searching I located the  affordable "knock -off" brand for way under 100.00 and they have tons of styles to choose from not sacrificing quality!

Check back with my blog for all the details!!!

End of part 1

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