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Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to 2011! CHEERS!

The perfect accessory to set yourself apart from the rest! Check it out...
I just had to share this insane Swarovski crystal iPad case with you. It's a case on bling steroids!

Oh so pretty!

 You know what they say "if you have to ask how much it is you can't afford it"  (sigh...I can dream)

It's a mere $2,171.76 dollars. Can you freaking imagine! I'll take 2 please.

A more affordable option might be this one and it won't break the budget.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

G-mate Tablet Tote - Two Thumbs Up!!!

The iPad accessory market is a relatively young market that is still trying to match how users are integrating their iPad into their daily lives with the form, function and fashion of the accessories themselves. Apple’s other successes like the iPhone and iPod have already been through several generations with each accessory iteration coming closer to fulfilling the user’s needs. One segment that has fallen short of really capturing how the iPad is integrated into our daily life is iPad bags. G-mate was kind enough to send us the all-in-one carrier for the iPad tablet to review.  Read on to see if the G- mate carrier elevates what an iPad bag can be to a new level or joins the rest of them in the land of what-could-have-been.

The G-mate bag is functional and good looking and is MADE IN AMERICA. 

 It is not limited to iPad devices either it works for other tablets as well.  So easy to use you don’t even have to risk taking it out of the case. Keeping your screen pristine!   It has a built in Velcro tab tucked inside to keep your device from accidentally sliding out, while in transit in a horizontal position.

This clear panel feature lets you use your tablet without the hassle of getting it out of the case. Brilliant!  Also it make it easy to sanitize, yet another bonus; a big plus for you moms.  It provides protection from spills or accidental drops.  I must note, that the clear panel when it lays against the tablet screen allow for some bubbles, this may drive some people crazy. It does not bug me, as I think the advantages far out weight this.  When it’s dark I barely notice.  It has innovated generous cut outs. Making charging or other adjustments a snap. Nice!  

The other side of the bag has 2 utility pockets; a half size pocket with a cute zipper sleek pull fob, this pocket accommodates enough to carry your ear buds, charger, pen or maybe a lipstick or two.  At the top of the bag is a deep envelope looking generous sized pocket lined with soft micro-fleece interior with snap fastener that fits perfectly for my apple wifi bluetooth keyboard. Hallelujah! (Note-make sure to turn your blue tooth off in transit as not to drain the batteries) 

My wifi keyboard fits perfect in it- Love it!

The tote has two portability options it comes with a side handle and the company includes an adjustable strap too allowing it to become a fashionable messenger bag. The strap attaches to two sturdy outside d-rings. The straps hardware easily clips on and off using a secure swivel hook clips.  If there was one improvement I would like to see the side handle a little stronger perhaps by doubling up the material or rolling the side edges.

Sturdy Swival Clip
 To take it up a notch I was thinking how to pimp this bag out and for those who want to make a bold statement, you could display a screensaver to enhance your bag look ie: favorite sports team, political message, advertising your business, slideshow, the skies the limit.  In the future would like to see g-mate offer fashionable strap choices like zebra skin, polka dots etc.
The outside material is synthetic. I cleaned mine with a damp cloth.  It would be nice if the manufactures could include recommended cleaning methods for this tote.
 The case comes in 5 delicious colors and two styles, plain and faux crocodile.

Mustard  (shown)    Plum,    Sunset Red,    Black     Brown

Faux crocodile color choices are Black or Brown

G-mate Red Ipad / Tablet Carrier All in One Design

The brochure states they do have some bags that are leather.  You might want to check G-mate site for more information.
It will blend in at any club or corporate scene, and is truly affordable it will certainly be a hot item on the market I predict for the 2011 year.

Two Thumbs Way Up to G-mate!!
Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Could it be the new iPad 2nd Generation?

Leaked on utube recently was this video showing a chinese manufacture which is what appears to be an iPad case that is in production for the April release.
Notice the case cut-outs, rumor has it that the next-generation tablet will have a camera, perhaps to enable video conferencing and SD card slot to name a few.

This blogger is counting down the days!
Check it out...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feline-Friendly App

If you are willing to share your iPad with your feline friend 'Game for Cats' is just for you. The minds of Hiccup have created apps for cats. It's nothing fancy - a few different varations of "something moving quick on screen" - but that simple enough for a cat. It's a free download, so if you want something to entertain your cat - or potentially scratch the daylights into your ipad screen -You can  get the link to the free app on the video

Puppy playing game on ipad- freakin adorable!!!

Even our four-legged friends love their iPads!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Tech Junkie in your Life

As Christmas nears and you looking for  gifts for your favorite geek or geekette, surely these gifts may just put a smile on their face.

Ah....yes, who could forget about one of the most watched viral videos of 2010
Dramatic Chipmunk....and this little guy has emerged into the fashion apparel world.

Dramatic Chipmunk Messenger Bag

This next one  -  I really, really, REALLY  like.  The G-mate, the all-in-one carrier for the iPad.
Watch for this product to be reviewed by me in the near future.
It just had to make this years list.

Black Luxury Croc Skin Like Cross Body Ipad Carrier Ipad Tablet Ipad Case All in One Design by Gmate
Check Back Soon for a Video Review! 
  Black Luxury Croc Skin Like Cross Body Ipad Carrier Ipad Tablet Ipad Case All in One Design by Gmate

For that tecky who just needs a little reminder...

GelaSkins Protective Skin for the Apple iPad "Keep Calm" with Access to Matching Digital Wallpaper Downloads

GelaSkins Protective Skin for the Apple iPad "Keep Calm" with Access to Matching Digital Wallpaper Downloads

Great protective and very attractive iPad Case.  It continues to be a favorite.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve iPad Case, Pink

Add a little iPad bling with one of these official licensed Disney charms sets.
They're too cute!

Disney Officially Licensed Jewelery Charm featuring MIckey Mouse icons
Great Stocking Stuffer!
 Disney Officially Licensed Mickey Mouse Cute Little Fingerstrap Jewelery Charm for Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3 MP4 , Sansa Players

Disney Officially Licensed Mickey Mouse Cute Little Fingerstrap Jewelery Charm for Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3 MP4 Players

Disney Officially Licensed Mickey Mouse Cute Little Fingerstrap Jewelery Charm for Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3 MP4 Players

This also caught my eye...

Ed Hardy iPad Case - Tiger

Happy Holidays from Tablet Diva!

Come See!

Someone once said... "necessity is the mother of invention" It's out of necessity for tech and fashion I like to share my voice. Sure - there are videos posted from a ton of teenagers and many men (no offense to both) but when it comes to the fashion side of the product, they miss the mark.
So I blog before you today to fill that void.
"With age comes wisdom" I've been into technology since Atari (that's dating myself) I been thru the palm platform, joranados, blackberry etc. I've thrown lots of money for cases and accessories over the years, that now are collecting dust.  The buck stops here! No more! I seek out to find the best solutions for  fashionista like me who adore their apple products and seek fashionable, practical, and affordable (not in that particular order)
 So in the near future, I will be posting video blogs. I'm so excited! To give you a teaser... I found an underdog company with a solution for ipad portability that I think will "knock your socks off" I refer to them as underdog cause they are not getting the coverage they deserve. I can't wait to share it with you!
So check back soon!


Zagg Invisable Shield Tough Punishment with a Dremmel Video

Excellent shield in my opinion, well worth the price. 
This video makes me cringe.

Thanks for Watching!